What to look for in a quality preschool program

There are many programs out there, both public and private, that advertise the quality of their programs.  How do you really know if it is a quality program and the right fit for your family?

It is important to educate ourselves so that we are able to recognize a quality program whether it is a Montessori, private or public preschool.

Top 10 things to observe when choosing a school

  1. Are the teachers certified in the level they are teaching?
  2. Are the interactions between teachers and students encouraging and respectful?
  3. Is the program accredited and licensed by the CT Office of Early Childhood?
  4. Are the children happy and engaged in the materials they are working with? 
  5. Is the environment prepared for the child to move and learn? 
  6. Do they offer a schedule to promote consistency and stability?
  7. What is the community like?
  8. Does the classroom feel welcoming and calm? 
  9. Can you picture your child and family as a part of the school community? 
  10. Any school you consider should encourage parents to participate in their child’s education and foster an open line of communication between parent, child, and teacher.

The Children’s Tree Montessori School is accredited by the American Montessori Society and a licensed center through the OEC.  Our teachers are trained at the level they are teaching, from a MACTE accredited institute. Our staff is trained in the Positive Discipline philosophy, which goes hand in hand with our Montessori training.  We teach kindness and respect in the classroom through grace and courtesy lessons and model it for the children. The classroom environment is prepared for our students to become successful, lifelong learners with child sized furniture and beautiful material for them to work with. Children have the ability to move around the classroom, working at a table or on the floor; with a friend or by themselves. CTMS offers a four or five day week schedule, and students can attend half or full days, depending on the family’s needs.  There is a warm and loving community of teachers, parents and grandparents, who all get involved for field trips, events over the holidays, projects in class, and our cultural studies.  

Please call to schedule your tour of The Children’s Tree Montessori School in Old Saybrook, CT. 860-388-3536, www.childrenstree.org.