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Willow News May 2014

Dear Willow Room Families,

“Sewing seeds, picking stones,

we are made of dreams and bones,

need a place to call my own for the time is near at hand.

Grain for grain, sun and rain,

find my way through natures chain,

tune my body and my brain to the music of the land”


Thank you, thank you for to all of our families for bringing in plants, seeds, and flowers to celebrate earth week in April.  It is so heartening to help young children care for the planet!  We will continue to celebrate the earth in May as we begin our study of the African rainforest.  We will concentrate on the Democratic Republic of the Congo as it is the Nation with the greatest percentage of rainforest.  We plan to learn about reptiles and amphibians from the rainforest as well as great apes.  Jaymes Atwood, Jake’s older brother, brought in his pet python for us to observe in our classroom.  You can find photo’s of the python’s visit on compass in the “Willow Room, April 2014” folder.

If you have a chance, search Google images for Bonobo apes.  These apes, as well as Chimpanzees and Gorillas live in the rainforest in the DR Congo. There are amazing photos online which capture the emotion and social life of our closest relatives.   The older children are already looking forward to researching rainforest animals, and Miss Brooke Dailey is loaning us a book about Jane Goodall.  If there is anyone who finds the discussion of evolution to be contrary to their beliefs, please let us know ASAP.  Otherwise, we plan to discuss the similarities between humans and apes and discuss the theory of a common ancestor.AA0_1082

We will introduce new practical life work this month to correspond with our cultural studies.  We would like to request bouquets for fresh flowers from our families to make our flower arranging work available for the children for the month of May.  In the past, families have cut branches from flowering trees, cut flowers from their gardens, or purchased inexpensive flowers from the grocery store.  We would greatly appreciate any donations of flowers that you feel comfortable giving. We will be dissecting a lily, looking at the parts of the flower and the functions of the different parts as a group.    Another popular practical life activity this month is grinding coffee beans.  Look for little baggies of coffee that your child has ground for you in the take home folder.

Thank you again for all that you do to help your children have successful days at school!  We are constantly amazed by how much they have all grown over the course of the school year!  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have about your child’s day at school.


Miss Rachel, Miss Kelly, and Miss Ashley

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