During October the children in the Willow Room learned the difference between living and non living, plants and animals, and vertebrates and invertebrates.  We learned about the parts of a tree, the parts of an apple, and the life cycle of an apple tree.  We also had many lessons on practical life, sensorial, math and language work.  Everyone has been interested and engaged by new ideas and new materials, but, the most important thing that we are learning in the Willow Room is how to treat each other with kindness.  We are learning to use kind words to express our feelings, to be safe and kind with our bodies, and to be gentle with our materials, our friends, and ourselves.  Our school rules are posted on the front door as well as in our classroom.image-3

Everyone is doing their best to practice how to be a kind, gentle and safe members of our community.  We have such a diverse group of personalities and each child brings their own wisdom, as well as their own challenges into the classroom. We are all learning so much from each other every day. Open hearts and open minds are flourishing in the Willow Room this fall!

We are looking forward to meeting individually with all of our families during our Fall conferences on November 7th and 8th. Please note that conferences are set up differently this year than in the past.  We have two half days of school with conferences in the afternoons.  All children will be dismissed from school at 11:45 on conference days. Please make arrangements for child care during your conference time.  In the past, it has worked nicely for some families who have conference times next to watch each other’s children on the playground.

image“It is interesting to see how little by little, these children become aware of forming a community that behaves as such…Once they have reached this level, the children no longer act thoughtlessly, but put the group first and try to succeed for it’s benefit”  Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind p. 232.

Peace education is not taught; it is most effective as an ongoing experience in the classroom community.  Such a community values each member as a unique individual; it encompasses the habits of respect and fairness; it encourages the peaceful resolution of conflicts; and gives each person a sense of belonging to a group whose combined efforts can be greater than that of any one member.”  Aline D. Wolf, Nurturing the Spirit p. 123.

Special Thank you’s go out to:
Sandra Avery, for apples for apple slicing, and a new filter for the frog tank.
Brigitta Jansen, for organizing our Halloween cooking project, and cooking with the children.
The Waldo family, for volunteering their time as lucky listeners on Thursdays.
Thank you also to all of our snack helpers from choosing such nice snacks for the children this month.

In November, we will begin our study of Australia.  If you have ever visited Australia and have information that you would like to share with the children please let us know!

Miss Rachel, Miss Kelly, and Miss Ashley

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