The Nest: A Community for Toddlers

The Young Children’s Community serves children who are comfortably walking, in a small and intimate group.  We offer a flexible schedule with both half day and full day options. Children do not need to be toilet-trained. Teachers will help children develop bathroom independence when they are ready.

We are committed to providing our toddlers with engaging, meaningful activities to:

– provide experiences that stimulate the senses

– enrich the child’s vocabulary and understanding of language

– provide time for the child to repeat and master activities

– give children the opportunity to gain a sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence

Children are taught to listen to their bodies and are encouraged to eat and rest as needed.

Daily Schedule

The day will include a morning meeting, exploration of the classroom, individual lessons, open snack, time outdoors, and a family style group lunch.

9-11:45                Open Work with Snack & Outdoor Play
11:45                    Half Day Pickup
12:-12:45             Lunch
12:45-1:15           Prepare to Nap
1:20-2:40             Nap
2:45-3:00             Pick up on Playground