The Children’s House

We recognize how capable young children are and provide them with experiences that develop their minds. If your child is preschool or Kindergarten age (3-6 years), the Children’s House at CTMS is the perfect place for them to grow more comfortable and confident each year.
Ideally preschool and Kindergarten students attend Montessori school in a three-year cycle, staying with the same Montessori teacher(s) and in the same classroom. Kindergarteners benefit from the opportunity to be leaders in the classroom, helping younger students and thereby solidifying their knowledge while they are given more responsibilities and more challenging academic work.

Montessori Colored Pencils

Montessori Preschool Classroom

Why do preschool students learn more in a Montessori environment?

At the Children’s House, our students:

  • Use beautiful materials that invite them to touch, think, discover, and experience.
  • Wash tables, pour liquids, prepare snacks, and learn independence.
  • Develop calmness, order, concentration, coordination, and fine motor skills.
  • Are exposed to math, language arts, sciences, art,music, movement, foreign language, martial arts, and yoga.
  • Often our preschoolers learn to read, write, and calculate math equations at a much younger age than children in traditional programs.