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Learning the parts of a plant

Learning the parts of a plant


Each classroom is organized so that opportunities for the study of plants can occur.  Students are provided with experiences to care for indoor and outdoor plants, sow seeds, and review plant materials to learn about how things grow. Also, books, nomenclature cards, scientific names for plants and roots with hands-on exploration are included in the curriculum.   


Caring for pets

Caring for Pets


At CTMS children care for pets in the classroom and learn to identify invertebrates and vertebrates. They also learn about the human body.

The major divisions in zoology are: vertebrates and invertebrates. The five groups of vertebrates are: amphibians, mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles.

Interest driven learning is promoted and children are encouraged to explore and expand their knowledge with a variety of activities.  For example, if a child finds an insect, they can place it in a ‘bug observer,’ (a large magnifier) and look at it closer, then return it back to nature as they found it.  If it interests them, the child can expand this observation further in classroom.


Land and Water

Land and Water

Cultural Studies

At CTMS,  two continents are studied in depth every year.  Students are exposed to customs, literature, music, food, and artifacts for hands-on activities from around the world.  Traditions and holidays of people from all the continents are celebrated throughout the year with art projects, costume making, dramatic performances, and food preparation.


Puzzle Map

Puzzle Map


Children learn their place on Earth through geography lessons. The continents are studied through exploration of large colorful puzzles, maps, and flags. Countries and cultures are studied through collections of photographs and sharing cultural traditions and holiday celebrations. Counting and singing in different languages is also part of the geography curriculum. Landforms, the parts of a flag, and astronomy enhance the geography lessons at CTMS.    

Click here for a video demonstration of the many Montessori Cultural lessons.

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