Montessori – A better way to learn
Montessori Elementary Team Work

Team Work in the Elementary Classroom

In contrast to traditional education, which relies on top-down instruction, the Montessori method encourages children to learn abstract concepts with concrete materials.

At the Children’s Tree, we are committed to the time-tested method created by Dr. Maria Montessori that has been sparking children’s enthusiasm and fostering their independence since 1906.

While traditional education emphasizes conformity, a Montessori curriculum allows children the freedom to explore their interests and discover who they are.

Our mixed age classrooms nurture social skills from an early age. Children build on a solid foundation, learning at their own pace in a carefully planned environment. Older children often teach concepts that they have mastered to younger students.

Our students develop skills in critical thinking, and learn lessons relevant to real life. Our teachers’ gentle guidance helps children develop tools for conflicts resolution and peacemaking. These skills help Montessori students build confidence as they learn to respect and care for others.

Color Mixing with Droppers

Color Mixing with Droppers

The results of a true Montessori education speak for themselves. CTMS students routinely excel at an early age and often exceed the Common Core Standards. From Julia Child to the founders of Google, there is a long and growing list of Montessori learners who have gone on to take their place among the world’s most successful people.

Montessori matters now more than ever, and a Montessori education is your child’s best preparation for realizing their dreams.

Come and see for yourself why joining the Children’s Tree community is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your child.